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Conflict is an integral part of life. Even the most moderate of people can react aggressively when cornered. This is a natural defense mechanism that has been part of our DNA since the beginning of time. Considering the innate emotions that conflict brings, it is quite normal for shooting games to be popular. The roots of this genre can be traced back to the 70s and maze-style games. The concept of progressing through various mazes and defeating enemies became quite popular, which created the first wave of shooting game.

Shooting games online where you control a spaceship or a tank became popular with arcade players, but things really started to improve in the 80s and 90s. The cockpit shooting game online genre introduced the concept of warfare, and the 3D battlefields added more complexity to the mix. As a matter of fact, towards the mid-90s, the US army developed mods for popular shooting game in online to quickly train their troops. The officers quickly realized the parallels of these games with real-life and thus saw the practical uses of these games.

Besides being a safe way to develop and test combat tactics for the military, it was also cost-effective to develop mods for shooting games for free. Ammo was free, and there was no risk of death or injury. This has made these games a valuable resource that is still used today.

Environments and enemies have improved drastically as premium and free online shooting games unblocked have benefited from advances in technology over the years. To embed textures into 3D objects, the developers used new game engines that could render objects faster, thus creating environments with trails and terrains of varying heights. Certain surrounding areas could be illuminated and the rest shrouded in darkness to offer a more immersive feel.

Along with the rich environments, the enemies have evolved to live primarily in simulated ecosystems within these worlds. They were able to interact with each other and had some freedom in their movements. So, this also meant that danger could find players instead of facing danger. The first simulated ecosystems took the shooting game genre to a new level in the ’90s, but the improvements didn’t stop there.

In the 2000s, artificial intelligence (AI)-based teammates joined the players. Although not fully developed at first, these automated partners allowed more complex tasks to be done. Once the player focused on a mission, their teammates could complete other missions. The artificial intelligence behind these characters continued to evolve, but another thing this innovation brought was that it paved the way for team shooting games.

Indeed, the development that followed the AI-based teammates was naturally creating games where real people could connect and play as a team. With this, moddable scripting engines became popular, and huge mod communities began to emerge. These scripting engines allowed players to tweak their arsenal, embed real-time geometry, and create more realistic scenarios. All this, with complex, multi-level worlds and automated enemies, has led to the emergence of the shooting game genre in which players can work alone or together with others with realistic war tactics. You can access many shooting games on our website.