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Tower Archery Kingdom

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Are you ready to protect the castle with a heroic archer! Protect your tower against enemies in challenging levels and become a real hero. The tower archery kingdom features three different archer characters and twelve levels. Each level has its challenges. Therefore, before starting the levels, it may be the right choice for you to practice with your archer character in the tutorial mode. The primary purpose of the Tower Archery Kingdom game is that stickman enemy characters want to capture your castle with spears. You must defend your tower and destroy the enemies with your archer character. The fate of the people in the city is in your hands, so use all your archery skills to eliminate the enemies and defend the castle. When you complete the levels, you can get new archer skins with the gold you earn and become the star of the archery kingdom game.

How to play Tower Archery Kingdom Online?

A stickman army is approaching your castle, and you must shoot arrows at your enemies by stretching the bow with the help of your mouse and keep them away from the castle.


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