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Arcade Car Racing

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Are you ready for a realistic car game! Choose the car you want, do unlimited customization and start the fun. There are four different racing tracks that you can play in the arcade car racing game. While car drifting missions are on two tracks, you can race on the others. There are five sports cars with different features waiting for Car Racing players. Choosing one of these cars means you have to reach the finish line before your opponents in car drift missions. In arcade racing mode, the physics of the vehicle is completely changed, and you must be the first to reach the finish line by defeating your opponents on the track. With all the gold you earn in this car game, you can buy new vehicles and enjoy the racing game more.

How to play Arcade Car Racing Online?

As in other car games, you can move your car with the arrow keys in this game. You can drift your racing cars on curves by using the space key. Using the C key, you can change the camera and experience a better car simulation.


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