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Do you want to speed? Then check out our amazing driving games! You’ll put your virtual skills to the ultimate test in this awesome collection of racing games and other games where you can drive sports cars, trucks, taxis, and even tractors! There are also lots of dirt roads to drive downhill in our stunt driving and off-road racing games.

Get in the driver’s seat, fasten your seat belt and get ready for the race of your life! Push the gas pedal all the way because this is the category of free car games! Prove your driving skills, be it a rally car, an all-terrain vehicle, a monster truck, a ship, or a formula one cockpit. Compete against the best drivers in the world, win the grand prix, and claim your championship. Tune your race car, improve its performance and earn respect by cruising the streets in your luxury car. Play a free driving game online and improve your vehicle control skills in one of our car parking games. Compete with a stopwatch within time limits, fight your opponents in qualifying races, time well when changing gears, participate in amateur and professional races, drift like a pro, burn the wheels and earn points with your style. Reach the finish line in speed races. Join the police chase and unforgettable experience moments with high-speed action.

Play our free racing players and set new records in a 3D driving simulator game, take part in breathtaking performances in demonstration flights, tour the city in City Rider 3D or build your environment in Splatped Evo, Scrap Metal series and tackle offroad challenges in Offroader V5. Kick your bike and try to get to the finish line before anyone else gets ahead of you in a big race! Play a 3D driving game simulator and enjoy the beautiful view from different angles or actions of your car game in driving games online. Defeat all your rivals and become a true racing legend!

Test your driving skills in a rally or on the racetrack with exciting free-to-play racing games. Check out our website if you want to be successful in the drifting scene.

Most racing games feature fully immersive 3D graphics and are best played in full-screen mode.

At some point in history, a game developer realized that driving games don’t have to be all about racing. Players are quite happy as they drive and experience driving.

We have a section with truck driving game cars. This category includes driving everything from delivery trucks to snowplows and backhoes.