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GP Moto Racing 3

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GP Moto Racing is a 3D motorbike racing game in which you race against other bikers on huge race circuits while riding motorcycles with realistic controls. There are three different motorcycles ready to race in the game. The motorcycle in the first row is relatively slow. That's why you should buy other motorcycles by winning the races with the bike you have. There are two different game modes in the GP Moto Racing game. The first of these is the racing mode. In this mode, you must compete with a team of six. To be the first in this race, you must pass all your opponents and reach the finish line without crashing. The second mode is the time trial mode. Unlike the other mode, this mode only offers single-player races. This mode aims to complete the track as quickly as possible. Remember that when you complete the track, you will win prizes and get new motorcycles with these prizes.

How to play GP Moto Racing 3 Online?

It would help if you used your WASD or arrow keys to move your racing motorcycle. You can use the shift key to activate the nitro and the C key to switch to different camera angles. If you hit an obstacle on the racetrack, your character will fall off the motorcycle, and this will waste your time. That's why you have to be a very careful racer.


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