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Extreme Car Traffic Racing

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There are more than eight vehicles in the Extreme Car Traffic Racing game. These vehicles include SUVs, sedans, and classic cars. Only the first car is unlocked in the traffic racing game to make the game more enjoyable. With the points you make in the game, you can win prizes and have other vehicles. In addition, if you have yet to reach enough points to buy a new car, you can make many modifications to your existing vehicle. As a modification option, options include a car, neon color, engine boost, and a police siren. The more you compare your vehicle to your dream vehicle, the more motivation you will get and the higher your score will be.

The Traffic Racing game aims to get high scores without hitting cars on an endless road. This is difficult because two-lane roads, rain, and darkness await you. You must prove yourself in the traffic racing game to show you are a good driver.

How to play Extreme Car Traffic Racing Online?

Race mode selections and all other selections are made with the mouse. You can use WASD or arrow keys to move your vehicle. While switching between multiple camera angles with the C key, you can brake where your car should stop with the space bar. A good driver signals when changing lanes in traffic; you can signal left and right with the Q and E keys.


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