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Sniper Gun Shooting

1.9M played

Get ready to defeat your enemies with a scoped weapon in the middle of the desert! Take your best shot and defeat all your enemies. Top sniper players start the game on the roof of a building. They destroy enemies far from the roof with a sniper rifle. As a good sniper assassin, you have to go down from the roof to destroy the enemies in places that cannot be seen with binoculars. When you set foot on the ground, you must destroy all the enemies in this fps game before your enemies notice you. Since you have a small number of bullets, it will be the right choice for you to shoot a single shot while shooting. Among the free online sniper games, you can both move with your fps character and shoot from far distances in this game. If you like war games, it is possible to enjoy this sniper elite game more.

How to play Sniper Gun Shooting Online?

You can move your fps game character around with the arrow keys. You can use the arrow keys to pass obstacles such as stairs. Using the right mouse button, you can open binoculars with the sniper rifle and shoot at your opponents. In order to make long range shots, you can zoom in and out of the sniper's binoculars with the wheel in the middle of your mouse.


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