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City Taxi Simulator 3D

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In this City Taxi Simulator 3d game, park the car in the right direction to pick up and drop off the passenger. You feel terrific while driving in a realistic environment, so make sure you focus on the time in a taxi simulator. Taxi Simulator game includes a total of seven different concept taxis. To make the game more enjoyable, only the first taxi is unlocked. You can open the other six taxis with the missions you complete in the game. The speed and ease of use of the taxis in the last place are much better than the others. After completing your vehicle selection, you can start doing the tasks in the taxi simulator game. There are twelve different missions in total. These tasks start from easy and go towards the complex. Of course, the rewards you earn increase according to this difficulty.

The main aim of the City Taxi Simulator 3D game is; is to deliver the customers in the city to the places they want to go as soon as possible. While doing this, you should do it as a taxi driver who obeys all traffic rules. If you can't please the customer, the mission will fail, and you won't be able to win any rewards. If you satisfy your customer, you can win big prizes and get new taxis.

How to play City Taxi Simulator 3D Online?

You can use the WASD and direction keys to move the taxi around the city. You can switch between cameras using the C key and activate your vehicle's nitro with the F key. You can find where your customer wants to go with the auxiliary arrow on the game screen. At the same time, because your customers' time is valuable, remember to get them to where they want to go as soon as possible.


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