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Real Taxi Simulator

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Do you like playing real taxi simulator games? If you answer yes, this simulation game with a 3d environment is for you. Many missions are waiting for you in the game. To do these missions, you need a realistic taxi. Once you have this taxi, you can start the tasks. First of all, the main aim of the real taxi game is; is to take the customers in the city to where they want to go. Doing so will take work because the town has a real-time traffic system. You have to use the taxi by paying attention to the cars in the traffic and ensuring the safety of the passengers. If you have an accident in the taxi simulator, you have to take your vehicle to the repair station and have it repaired.

Play Real Taxi Driver Game

The game has been designed with all the details to be realistic. As you can have your vehicle repaired, you can also get gas from the gas station when you run out of fuel. This adds a lot of realism to the taxi game. You can feel like a yellow taxi driver in this realistic 3d game. Customers give you money when you finish taxi missions. Using these coins, you can customize your vehicles in the taxi simulator game. As a customization option, options such as body, glass, and wheel colors are available.

How to play Real Taxi Simulator Online?

It would help if you used the arrow keys or WASD keys to move your yellow taxi around the stage. You can switch between three camera angles with the C key. If you are wondering where you are in the city, you can use the mini-map. With the help of the mouse, you can navigate around and search for passengers.


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