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Hurakan City Driver HD

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Speed through the vibrant city with a stunning Lambo and make jaw dropping stunts and drift. Complete tough mission quests and earn money to unlock all the custom cars in the game. Beat Speed & Drift Limits across the city and prove yourself as a competitive Lambo Driver! There are five racing cars in total in the Hurakan city driver game. If you like racing cars, you can have a good time in this game. Of the five vehicles, only the first car is given to you for free in the game. To reach other vehicles, you must complete the game's missions. You can customize your existing vehicle if you need more game money. You must choose one of the drift or racing modes when the game starts to earn money. There are many missions in these modes. You can earn high rewards by completing these missions.

Play Hurakan City Game

Car races are held in some city regions when you select the racing mode. Participating in these races can win prizes if you become the first. In drift mode, you can have rewards by drifting in the city with your racing car. If you do not want to do any task, you can win prizes by jumping from the ramps. Since the game takes place in a 3D city, speed missions are available in some city regions. The primary purpose of these tasks; is to make the desired speed with your vehicle. This will be challenging because the city has turns, sidewalks, and ramps. Since you are a master driver, you can complete this task with a little effort.

How to play Hurakan City Driver HD Online?

You must use the arrow keys to move the racing car in the city. You can switch to different camera angles using the C key. You can use it when your nitro is full with the F key. You can use the G key to activate the slow motion mode while drifting. If you want to change the mode, you can do it from the settings on the game screen.


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