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Sci Fi Racer

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Start an endless adventure with more than 5 sci fi vehicles. Make your best scores and join the adventure. The primary purpose of the Sci-Fi Racer game is to move forward with your spacecraft on the racing game track without hitting obstacles. When you crash into buildings with your spacecraft, your spacecraft explodes, and you gain rewards as far as the distance you go. With the rewards you have won, you can buy yourself a high-speed spacecraft with new looks from the store. When you pass through the circles on the racing game tracks, your speed increases to the highest speed of your vehicle, and you can score higher in shorter times. This way, you can be the star of the sci-fi Racer game by scoring the highest.

How to play Sci Fi Racer Online?

As you are familiar with racing games, you can move your spacecraft left and right with the help of arrow keys in Sci-Fi racer games. You can have new spacecraft skins from the store by using the rewards you have won with the help of the mouse.


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