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Bicycle Rider Simulator

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You can't compare pleasure with anything in the world of the bicycle wheels turning slightly, the wind caressing your hair, and walking freely in the town's streets. Bicycle Rider Simulator is an open-world bike simulation that offers this amazing experience of its size. As you leave the tranquil atmosphere of your home, you will be immersed in an adventure surrounded by great sounding.

There are three different bike options available in the game, but only the first one is the starting rights. To use other bikes, you must complete the details in town. Each bike has different abilities and can perform better in varying parts of the town. The games you play to get the bikes will add extra depth and motivate you to pedal to a new goal in each campaign.

One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the checkpoint missions. When you accept a task, you run all checkpoints within the recorded time. As you pedal fast, the roar of the wind will ring in your ears, and the adrenaline will rise as you pass through its checkpoint. If you complete the mission before the time runs out, you will earn valuable rewards and work your way toward new missions.

How to play Bicycle Rider Simulator Online?

You can use the WASD keys to move the bicycle. You have to use the mouse to browse the environment. You can also go by lifting the front of the bicycle with the CTRL key.


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