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Alien War

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Let’s play new robot Alien war, your role is to Protect your land from the alien attack. The alien war game is a great tower defense game among 2d platform games. You have to get rid of the incoming aliens to occupy your tower. Although this is easy initially, the game becomes more difficult as your score increases. The number of incoming aliens increases in proportion to your score. In this case, you need to improve your weapons in the alien war game. You get a reward for eliminating each alien. With these rewards, you can enhance your existing equipment.

How to play Alien War Online?

In this tower defense game, you can shoot at aliens by aiming with your mouse. When aliens attack at you, your character's health will decrease; you can view your remaining health from the heart icon on the left side of the game screen. In addition, you can instantly view the score you have at the top of the game screen.


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