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Archery Blast

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Start a legendary arrow game in beautiful 3d scenes. Shoot all the targets from 12 and witness the adventure. Archery Blast is a game designed for those who love to shoot arrows, considering all the details. All necessary visual effects and sounds are included in this game to make you feel like an archery. There are more than fifty levels in the game. What you need to do in the levels is to hit the targets that come your way. In Archery Blast, where you hit all the marks, you gain the right to pass to the next level. As you complete each level, the game difficulty increases, and you are allowed to improve your reading skills. Be a good archer and be the king of this game by completing all the levels.

How to play Archery Blast Online?

You have to use the mouse to stretch the bow and shoot arrows. You are given a certain amount of arrows at each level to make the archery game more enjoyable. You have to hit all the target boards before these arrows run out. You can view your current arrow and target number on the left side of the game screen.


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