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Basketball Shooting Stars

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Who is the best basketball player in NBA history! Make your best basketball shots and show your skill. Basketball shooting stars have five levels with different visuals. It becomes possible to enjoy more in the modes such as basketball on the street, basketball in the jungle, etc., with different graphics. Basketball Shooting Stars players can determine the difficulties in the levels. In this way, you can gradually increase the difficulty level by doing basketball training at the first level. In some levels, you have to score the most baskets before your time runs out, while in some levels, you need to score baskets without missing the numbered basketballs. Choose the level and difficulty that suits you and be the star of the basketball shooting stars game.

How to play Basketball Shooting Stars Online?

With the help of the mouse, you must pass the basketball ball through the hoop before your time runs out. The more baskets you score before your time runs out, the more rewards you get, and the faster you can get new basketballs.


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