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Bubble Shooter Pet Match Game

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Get ready for a crazy match with round and fun animals! Play fast, hit the right target and have the fun. There are two different types of puzzle games in Bubble Shooter game. There are two modes in these genres, the endless mode, and the puzzle mode. In Endless puzzle mode, you have to shoot with cute balls and earn high scores in an endless level. There are more than ten challenging levels in the puzzle game mode, and your goal in this mode is to complete the desired scores in the levels and pass to the next level. The primary purpose of the Bubble Shooter Pet Match game is to crash the cute characters you will shoot with the same character at the top. This way, you will earn high scores and be the star of the bubble shooter game.

Bubble Shooter Pet Match Online How To Play

Bubble Shooter Pet Match
With the help of the mouse, you can shoot by aiming in the bubble shooter game. The calmer you think, the longer it will take for the other balls at the top to reach your main base, and you will have the opportunity to score higher.