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Burger Restaurant Simulator

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With Burger Restaurant Simulator, the taste of feeding your customers delicious hamburgers and running a pleasant cafe is at your fingertips. This unique cafe business simulator combines the visual aesthetics of 2D graphics with great sound effects, giving you an unforgettable experience.

Two different game modes are waiting for you in the game. First, let's get acquainted with the career mode. In this mode, you have an excellent opportunity to test your business skills. You must use all your skills within a certain time to reach the targeted turnover. Although the first levels seem to be about learning how to prepare delicious hamburgers, it will get more complicated in the following levels. As you race against the clock, you must use your quick thinking and trading skills to fulfill orders correctly.

The free-play mode offers a more comfortable experience. In this mode, you must prepare and serve customer orders quickly. By shouldering the entire business burden, you can get caught up in the bustle of the cafe world and test your speed.

Known as the hamburger game, this game adds a new dimension to restaurant business games. Both game modes offer you the pleasure of casual gaming while testing your business skills and speed. If you are into restaurant games, Burger Restaurant Simulator is here to give you a realistic experience.

How to play Burger Restaurant Simulator Online?

You can prepare the orders from the customers with the help of the mouse. Remember customers don't have much time so you have to prepare the burger as soon as possible.


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