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City Blocks

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City Blocks is a match-3 puzzle game. Strategically place new buildings and upgrade them to build the largest possible city before you run out of space. In City Blocks, you must build high-rise townhouses starting from single houses. In this puzzle game, when you put the house that will come to the track next to the same house on the track, the two houses will come together and form a prominent structure. It becomes possible to build high buildings in the city blocks game by progressing in this way. As you get the buildings higher, you earn bonus rewards, and with these rewards, you can buy any city building you want in the city blocks game and build it on the track area.

How to play City Blocks Online?

When you see the next city building, you can build the building anywhere on the track with the mouse. The buildings you build next to the same building will combine to form a large city building.


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