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Command Strike FPS

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Welcome to a new shooter game! Take part in a real commando mission! Here you’ll find classic and favorite features of shooting games. 

About Command Strike FPS:

- Various maps for battles

- Offline games modes: Deathmatch, Flag capture, Missions

- Weaponry: powerful guns & pistols

- Simple shooting controls

- Action-packed gameplay. Use your skills to become a super soldier 

- Get a gun and join battles!It’s time to complete special commando missions!

Play Command Strike Fps Games

This game is an fps game that can be played both single and online. There are three different maps for single mode. There are more than forty missions included in the map. When you complete these missions, you will earn great rewards. With these earned rewards, you can buy new weapons and equipment for your character. All your purchased equipment can also be used in online fps mode. Another factor that you should pay attention to while playing the command strike game is your opponents. Noticing early when your opponents are approaching you is essential to defeating your opponent. If you give your full attention to this war game, you can defeat all your opponents.

How to play Command Strike FPS Online?

You can choose weapons and equipment from the game store. You have to use the arrow keys to move your character. You can also jog where necessary by using the Shift key. With the C key, you can lie down so that your opponents do not see you. You must use your mouse to shoot in the command strike game. If you use the right mouse button, the binoculars will be active. You are having the scope functional will allow you to see distant enemies.


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