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Craft World is the new builder simulator where everything is limited only by your imagination! Build various houses of more than 300 unique blocks and decorate the rooms with various decor and furniture!

You are asked to choose a character's skin when you start the Craft World game. Ten pixel characters with different appearances are waiting for you in the game. After choosing your character, you can start the game in five different modes. These modes are; modes such as standard, snow, and mountain. Each mode has its unique features. After completing the mode selection, you can search for objects with your character. After finding the things, you can build your dream houses and items by creating whatever you want.

How to play Craft World - Building Games Online?

You can use the WASD keys to move your character in the pixel world. You can break objects with the left mouse button. When you collect the broken things, you can position them in the desired location with the right mouse button. You can also access your inventory using the Q key.


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