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Dream Head Soccer

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Start taking your best shot in a brand new head ball game. Choose your character and win challenging matches. In addition to football games, dream head soccer has many different features. More than thirty country flags and eleven character skins are available. Prepare for a tough soccer competition by choosing your flag and your character's skin to represent your country. Before your time runs out, you must score goals in your opponent's goal in the head soccer game, and your score must be higher than your opponent's. Some dream head soccer players can easily beat their opponents using soccer strategies. When you get ahead in the number of goals, you can prevent your opponent from scoring a goal by making a good defense, and if you endure until the time runs out, you can win the football fight.

How to play Dream Head Soccer Online?

In Dream Head Soccer, you can move your soccer character using the arrow keys and make him jump with the space key. The essential factor for Head Soccer players is scoring goals by taking unique shots. Therefore, if you use the direction arrow keypad and the space key in a coordinated way, you can score great goals.


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