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Drift Cars Zombie Smasher

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Welcome to a drifting world crowned by realistic graphics and realistic car sounds. Drift Cars Zombie Smasher represents the pinnacle of zombie-crushing games that offer an extraordinary gaming experience. Fight the zombie invasion using your drift skills and clear the scary world by crushing it under your vehicle's tires.

There are three different drift car options in the game, but the others are locked except for the first vehicle. To reach these special vehicles, you must complete the levels with courage and skill. You will struggle through fifteen levels in total. Although things seem easy at first, the game becomes more challenging as the number of zombies increases, and the danger increases.

The aim of the game is quite simple, clearing the infested areas from zombies. The way to achieve this job is to fight against zombies by using your mobility and drifting skills. Drift your car skillfully and eliminate the zombies. Between the rustling of tires and the engine's roar, you will use all your skills to defeat these creatures trying to take over the fearful world.

Combining the concepts of drift games and zombie games, this game will lock you on the screen by combining tension and action. This experience brings a different breath to car games; you will improve your drifting skills and experience adrenaline-filled moments by fighting against the zombie invasion. Get behind the wheel, crush the zombies, and lighten the dark world.

How to play Drift Cars Zombie Smasher Online?

You can move your vehicle with WASD keys. You can activate the nitro by using the F key to accelerate your vehicle where necessary.


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