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Egg wars is an action-packed war game with stylized graphics and egg characters. There are two different modes in the game. These modes are divided into battle royale and PvP 5x5. In the battle royale egg battle mode, what you need to do is to be the first in the platform. This will be challenging because you have dozens of players on the platform. You must destroy all of these players. If they fight you before you extinguish them, you lose the game. If you want to play the PvP 5x5 mode, you have to get quite a lot of points in this mode. The more points you get, your chances of winning the game are higher.

Egg wars game offers you dozens of customization options. Among these customizations, There are options such as weapons, hats, clothes, and skin colors. To make these customizations, you need to earn gold in egg wars. Each time you complete the game, you are rewarded with gold. The amount of this reward is determined by the battle you fight in the game. The more points you collect in the game, the more gold you get. If you like to play war games and are good at them, egg wars game is for you.

How to play Egg Wars Online?

Egg wars game provides a lot of convenience in terms of gameplay. There are default controls as gameplay when starting the game. You can change the assignments of all keys in the settings section. By default, you have to use the WASD keys to move your character. You can use the left mouse button to shoot. You can use the spacebar to jump where necessary. You can switch between available weapons using the Q key. You can throw mini bombs to the areas you specify with the G key.


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