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Extreme Bus Driver

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In a world where realistic graphics and three-dimensional design meet, join the most fun journey of the bus simulator genre with Extreme Bus Driver. Pick up passengers from bus stops in the city, race against time, and show off your skills by delivering them to destinations.

The game's main aim is to take the passengers waiting at the bus stops and transport them safely to the next bus stop within the specified time. While keeping an eye on the traffic, you will need to skillfully maneuver through the city streets to ensure the safety of your passengers and deliver on time.

Each successful mission is rewarded with rewards. Thanks to these rewards, you can customize your bus. You can change the color of the bus, optimize the suspension settings, adjust the camber angle, and change the spoiler. These customization options offer the perfect opportunity to design your bus in your way and improve its performance.

It is found in reward packages hidden in the city. You can customize your bus by collecting rewards as you search for these packages in the city. You will have an unforgettable bus driving experience as you explore every street in the city.

Among the car games, this game offers a unique journey to bus simulator lovers. While driving your bus, you will be the master of the city streets, transport passengers safely and customize your bus with rewards. Step into a realistic bus driving experience with Extreme Bus Driver and be the best driver in the city.

How to play Extreme Bus Driver Online?

You can use WASD or arrow keys to move your vehicle. When you want to accelerate your vehicle in areas where necessary, you can activate the nitro by using the F key. By using the R key, you can make your vehicle come out from where it was stuck.


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