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Fill The Glass

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Do you like games of pouring water into glasses! Join this sweet adventure. In Fill The Glass game, you must draw all the water into the glass without falling from the track by drawing stripes on hundreds of different platforms. If the water flowing from the carboy fills the glass, you can proceed to the next level. With each progressing level, it will get harder to fill the glass game. The reason puzzle games are exciting is what awaits you at other levels. In this game, which is designed according to the laws of physics, you can try to draw shorter lines by using the objects on the track and fill the glass in shorter times.

How to play Fill The Glass Online?

With the help of the mouse, you can draw lines so that the water reaches the glass. When you stop drawing, the water in the carboy will start to empty, and if the glass is complete, the next level will be passed.


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