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FPS Assault Shooter is an Intense gameplay with devastating weapons and their textures, interesting scenarios, ranking system, level ups and weapon upgrades. Select your weapon for assault combat as shooter, battle your foes upgrade your weapons to make you about our successes the part of this classic assault shooting game.

The daily reward panel will welcome you when you first log into the game. Remember to receive your rewards from this panel every day. As the day progress, the amount of the reward increases. There are dozens of weapons and equipment with different features in the game. To have these weapons and equipment, you need to win prizes in the game. You get rewards for completing each mission, and you're one step closer to owning new items. To start the war, you must choose one of the two scenarios. These scenarios are designed to make war games more enjoyable. After making your scenario selection, you must fulfill the tasks you requested. Since you are a beginner at first, you will be asked to do simple tasks. When you improve yourself, you will get challenging missions, and the rewards of these missions will be very high. If you are confident in fps games, this action-packed game will be for you.

How to play FPS Assault Shooter Online?

You can move your character with WASD or arrow keys. When you see the opponents, you can use the left mouse button to shoot. You can open binoculars with the right mouse button if the opponent characters are far away. This will allow you to see them more closely. You can throw bombs at your opponents using the G key. You can wear armor instantly in the game by using the H key.


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