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Garbage Truck Driving

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In a world where realistic 3D graphics and detailed design meet, experience the most realistic and impressive experience of the truck simulator with Garbage Truck Driving. This game allows you to get behind the wheel of the garbage truck, and you create a clean environment by collecting garbage cans in the city.

The game's main purpose is meaningful and has an environmentally friendly goal. You must collect the garbage cans in the city and move them to the garbage can within the desired time. You can earn rewards by completing tasks on time. Thanks to these awards, you can customize your truck. You can personalize your truck by changing the color of the truck, camber, and other details.

The game includes elements such as fuel and repair systems to increase realism further. If you run out of fuel, you can waste time on missions. That's why it's important not to forget to refuel before starting missions. At the same time, your truck may be involved in accidents during missions. In this case, you can have your truck repaired at the repair station and continue.

Among the car games, this game offers a unique experience for truck driving enthusiasts. As a garbage truck simulator, it offers a fun game experience and raises awareness of environmental cleaning. Feel the importance of creating a clean environment in this game, get behind the wheel of the garbage truck, and get rewards by cleaning the city.

How to play Garbage Truck Driving Online?

You can use WASD or arrow keys to move the garbage truck. While using the C key to switch between the cameras, you have to use the F key to activate the nitro in your truck.


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