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Hacker Rush

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Collect bitcoins and chip, hack against banks. Swerve to collect items and hack with your tablet. Be careful about police officers. Hacker Rush game is a game with 3d graphics, also called an endless running game. What you need to do in the game is to give direction as your character moves on the track. You have to collect the pieces that are useful for you while giving directions. When you collect chips, pizzas, and bitcoins, your character becomes a good hacker. The more of these products you collect, the better hacker you become. There are not only products that improve your character on the course. You may encounter obstacles such as the police. If you run into a police officer, he may catch you and make you lose the game. If you are a confident hacker, this game will be for you.

How to play Hacker Rush Online?

You have to use your mouse to direct your character on the track. You will need to hack when you come to certain areas. To do this, you must answer the questions asked on your tablet correctly. If you answer correctly, you can continue the game from where you left off and reach high scores.


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