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Helicopter Rescue

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Helicopter Rescue is a third-person shooter. If you like to play shooting games, then Helicopter Escape 3D you can't miss! Your mission is to rescue the hostages from the enemy and then let them escape on the plane without any problem. Concentrate on your mission and shoot the enemies quickly to avoid them catching up with the hostages. Come join us and start your rescue journey!

When you first start the Helicopter Rescue game, you have the starting weapons. Using these weapons, you have to protect innocent people while they are escaping from the rooftops. Malicious people follow innocent people. Since you are in the helicopter, you must shoot other enemies away from innocent people. There are human rescue missions with more than twenty helicopters in total in the game. When you complete these tasks, you will earn rewards in the game. You can buy new equipment for yourself with these awards you have won. Remember that the gear you receive is better than the one initially given you. You may need more than your current weapons when you progress to the next level. So remember to upgrade your gear when the time comes.

How to play Helicopter Rescue Online?

You have to use your mouse to make your shots. You can view the amount of gold you have in the game from the gold icon panel on the left side of the screen. You can buy new equipment from the store when you have enough gold.


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