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Exhilarating jump game! Let's climb up by jumping so as not to fall! Please note the time limit. The time limit increases with items. Coins appear when you press the switch! Use coins to unlock skins!

The second game of the famous Jump on game series is waiting for you. All you have to do in the game is to reach the highest score. This will be challenging because the game will get more difficult as your score increases. While the ball does not fall from the track area when you first start, some of the track areas will disappear when you move on to the following levels. In this case, you need to take the ball as high as possible by making sudden decisions. Another surprise waiting for you in Jump on 2 is the time. The countdown will start when you start the game. If you want to ensure your time runs smoothly, you should attend all the hours in the track area. When you collect the hours in the track area, your time will be longer, and you will have more time to score higher.

How to play Jump on 2 Online?

When the time comes, you must use the mouse to move the ball in the track area. It will disappear after staying on the wooden colored blocks in the track area for a while. That's why you should give your full attention to this game and try to get the highest score.


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