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Mahjong 3D Connect Game

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Have you ever thought about what would it be like to play your favourite classic mahjong game in 3D? Mahjong 3D Connect is exactly that! It takes the classic mahjong connect gameplay into the third dimension! So what are you waiting for? Play Mahjong 3D Connect now and solve the puzzle!

Mahjong 3D Connect Online How To Play

Mahjong 3D Connect
The rules of Mahjong are simple: find and match two tiles with the same symbol. Tiles are matchable only if they are not blocked by other tiles around them. If they are blocked, you will have to match the tiles placed around them first. They key to Mahjong 3D Connect is speed since the time is constantly running out! For every level you manage to beat you will receive some extra time. Having troubles finding a match? Not a problem! Simply use the ‘Help’ and ‘Shuffle’ functions.