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Noob Escape: one level again Game

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Your Noob Escape character is imprisoned in one level again. Now Noob must escape from prison and defeat the crook. There are a hundred levels in total in the prison escape game. You must complete a hundred levels to break your Pixel character out of prison. This will take work because dozens of different obstacles in the levels will await you. If you have a good strategy, you can break your character out of prison by thinking well. You are asked to collect all the golden-colored keys on the track to complete the levels. If you order even one of the keys missing, the exit door will not open. That's why you have to move very quickly by making a good way for yourself to escape.

Noob Escape: one level again Online How To Play

Noob Escape: one level again
You can move your imprisoned character using the WASD or arrow keys. You can use the spacebar to jump over spikes and all other obstacles. If the place to jump is too far, when you use the spacebar twice, your character can jump too far.