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Crimers has been imprisoned in One Escape. Now you must escape from prison! One escape game is an action-packed prison escape game with stylized graphics. There are dozens of different levels in the game. Each story is specially designed for you to escape from prison. When you first start the game, you must get out of the iron bars and collect money. You can realize your prison escape plan by using the accumulated coins. There are complex obstacles in some levels in One escape game. You have to use your intelligence to overcome these obstacles. Because there are many obstacles, such as infrared rays and motion sensors, you can pass these levels by cutting off the electricity if you don't want the guards to catch you.

You have to be very calm while playing prison escape games. If you want to act fast, your risk of getting caught will increase. If you do not wish to be in this situation and think you will succeed in the prison game, this game will be for you.

How to play One Escape Online?

You can use WASD or arrow keys to move your criminal character. You can use the J key for short jumps. You can jump higher if you press the J key twice in a row. You can turn the fuses, doors, and many buttons in prison on and off using the E key.


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