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Police Car Escape Simulator Game

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Escape and reach the heights of action with Police Car Escape Simulator in a world with stylized graphics and captivating sound effects. This game allows you to settle in a land full of desert landscapes, and you have to show your driving skills as you fight against the police cars after you.

There are four different vehicle options in the game, and the features of each vehicle are different. While some vehicles are more durable, others stand out with their speed. The main aim of the game is to neutralize the police cars that follow you and make the highest score. To achieve this goal, you must use your driving skills to the fullest and try to stop the police cars by crashing into the surrounding objects. Desert terrain is the backdrop for your escape adventure.

Police Car Escape Simulator Online How To Play

Police Car Escape Simulator
You can use WASD or arrow keys to move your vehicle. You have to use the mouse to shoot rockets from your vehicle where necessary.