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Retro Ping Pong Game

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Retro Ping Pong game is a great sports game with 2D graphics that can be played by both single and two players. In this game, you can start action-packed fights with your friend or against artificial intelligence.

When you first start the game, you need to choose the game mode in which you want to play ping pong. These modes; There are classic and action modes. The features of each mode are different from each other. Classic mode is played according to the usual ping-pong game rules. In action mode, when you touch the ball with the stick, the stick breaks from the area where the ball handles. Every time the stick breaks, the game becomes more complex, and it becomes more challenging for you to tackle the ball. Therefore, try to outshine your opponent by giving all your attention to this game.

If you are a professional ping pong player, you can set the difficulty mode in this game yourself. There are three different difficulty modes in total. You can start the challenge by choosing the difficulty mode that suits you.

Retro Ping Pong Online How To Play

Retro Ping Pong
When played single-player, the first user can move the bar using the up and down arrow keys. When playing for two players, the second user can move the stick up and down with the W and S keys.