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Shoot Balls

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Are you ready for the much loved ball shooting fun! Pass dozens of challenging levels and experience the fun. With more than ninety levels, shoot balls game takes you on a fascinating journey. Each level has its own challenges. Shoot balls players must reach the finish line as soon as possible by passing these challenges, and move on to the next level. There are three different towers on each level. You have to destroy these towers by reducing their number with the help of cannons. After each tower is destroyed with cannons, your character will move to the other tower automatically and you will have completed the level when they are all finished. It is possible for users who like arcade games to enjoy shoot balls more.

How to play Shoot Balls Online?

In Shoot balls game, you can destroy huge towers with the help of mouse. If you shoot at the protection obstacles in front of the towers, you will lose the level. For this reason, you have to complete the levels by shooting very carefully in the shoot balls game.


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