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Snowball Racing

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Grow your snowball as big as possible!Try one of the most entertaining winter race games. Roll the snowball bigger and bump the rivals.Snowball Racing is a super fun race game.Become a real Snowball Master!

When you first start the Snowball Racing game, you must compete against two opponents. This race is quite different from other racing games you know. Because to be the first in this race, the snowball in your hand must be pretty giant. You should collect the snow on the platform and make it as big as possible. After the Gathering is complete, you must build yourself a ladder. After the construction of the ladder is completed, you must reach the finish line before your opponents use this area. You can win great prizes if you finish the race in the first place. With these rewards, you can get yourself new character skins.

How to play Snowball Racing Online?

You can make your snowball big on the platform by moving your character with the help of the mouse.


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