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Spooky Escape Game

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Spooky Escape is a great adventure game, which needs you have the high reaction. In this game, you will be a spooky, the person chasing you will take an infrared scan to chase you. You should escape as fast as you can. However, you can attack them in places where infrared doesn't scan. Are you ready to try it? There are more than forty challenging levels in Spooky Escape. You must sneak up on them without the officers noticing you, eliminate them, and move forward by opening the doors. The main objective of Spooky Escape is to complete levels by keeping your ghost character away from infrared scans. When you complete each level, you get rewards, and you can get skins for your new ghost character with these rewards.

Spooky Escape Online How To Play

Spooky Escape
You can move your character through the levels with the help of the mouse. To avoid being caught by infrared scans, your character can hide behind items, such as a sofa in the levels. This way, it will be harder for the officials to notice you, and you can complete the level faster.