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The Great Zombie Warzone

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Have fun with this entertaining game of action, zombies, survival, queras and much more. The Great Zombie Warzone is a new exclusive game from an army of zombies want to eat your brain and it's up to you to protect us all!

There are twelve levels designed to differ from each other in the game. The beginnings of these levels are pretty straightforward. The zombie warzone game gets more challenging when you complete each level. The competition aims to stop the zombie army from coming on you. To do this, you need to cover the cost of the military. You earn in-game gold every time you destroy a zombie. You can have a stronger army by enlarging your army with the gold earned. You can have armies with more advanced features when you earn higher amounts of gold. Since the equipment used by these armies is more advanced, it will be easier to stop the zombies. If you are a confident zombie hunter, you will be able to enjoy this game a lot.

How to play The Great Zombie Warzone Online?

You need to use the mouse to position, upgrade and shoot your army. In the Great Zombie game, you can see the amount of gold you have from the area at the bottom of the game screen so that you can create your strategy against zombies.


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