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Unroll Ball

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Can you find a crazy ball's way through the maze! Complete challenging missions and witness the adventure. The general logic of the Unroll ball game is to arrange a tangled maze and deliver the ball safely to the finish line. Some pieces in the maze cannot be moved, so you must reach the finish line using other pieces. There are two game type in the unroll ball game, which has more than one hundred levels. Unroll ball players playing the Level mode must complete the levels as soon as possible and move on to the next challenging levels. In Classic mode, users must move the ball through the maze by thinking calmly. Because in this mode, the number of moves is limited. You must reach the red finish line by making movements as much as the movement limit requested in the levels.

How to play Unroll Ball Online?

You must make a smooth path for the ball by arranging the pieces in the maze with the help of the mouse. In the Unroll Ball game, it is possible to get help where you have difficulty. When you complete the levels, you can get hints with the rubies you earn and complete the levels in a shorter time.


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