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Zombie Monster Truck

3k played

Drive through a post-apocalyptic world. Each of the 12 stages consists of three levels which you have to finish with selected car. You must upgrade the car constantly to complete the levels. With each new stage unlocked comes a new car. Try them all.

Zombie Monster Truck is a game specially developed for career-mode game lovers. There are dozens of different levels waiting for you in the game. In addition to these levels, there are many power-ups to customize your vehicle. With these power-ups, you can make a vehicle with a better appearance and complete the levels faster. The main objective of the Zombie Monster game is to destroy all the zombies that come your way while descending from the mountains. It is the first rule of this zombie game to pay attention to these as there are gas and damage levels. If you can't pass the story in one go, don't worry. You earn rewards as much as the way you progress, and you can play at the same level again by making your vehicle stronger. It will be easy to win the story you started by making power-ups.

How to play Zombie Monster Truck Online?

Finish all levels. Earn coins with each run to upgrade your car and drive even further. There are many zombies and other obstacles on your way to the finish line. Complete daily quests, or collect all hidden chests to claim extra rewards. Don’t forget to upgrade the cars or you won’t escape.


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