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3D Rolling Ball Game

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Get ready for a 3D puzzle frenzy! Pass the challenging and fun levels, become the legend of the puzzle game. There are more than ninety challenging puzzle levels in the 3D Rolling Ball game. Only the first level is unlocked to make the game more enjoyable, and the next level is unlocked when you complete each level. This way, you can complete all puzzle game levels by playing each level starting from the first. The primary purpose of the 3D Rolling Ball game is to drop the white ball from the hole on the finish line by moving the track.

3D Rolling Ball Online How To Play

3D Rolling Ball
With the help of the mouse, you can move the track to the right, left, up, and down to drop the ball down the hole. When you move the track, the ball will start to move according to the laws of physics, and you will have the opportunity to complete the level.