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4096 3D Game

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Are you ready to match crazy numbers on a 3D platformer! Match the numbers and start the adventure. The 4096 game is a puzzle game inspired by the 2048 game. There is an empty track when you start the game. You have to fill these tracks with 3d numbers. For example, suppose 2 is the number that comes randomly into your hand. You have to throw this number to an empty area on the track. If the following number is two, if you multiply these numbers together, two numbers will be added. Two different cubes will merge on the track and become a single cube. This way, your track area will be emptied, and your numbers will increase. This is the primary purpose of the 4096 wordscapes game. By progressing this way, you can score high before completing the track area.

Play 4096 3D Game

If you have difficulty combining numbers and the following number you throw comes to the orange area, the level will fail. Note that this game is a jigsaw game. For this reason, it will be the right choice for you to do all your shots after carefully considering them. If you want to spend the rest of your day pleasantly, you can choose wordscapes 4096 game.

4096 3D Online How To Play

4096 3D
You must use your mouse to throw the cubes with numbers on the track area in the game. You can view your score in the game from the upper part of the game screen. You can shoot all your shots whenever possible, as there is no time limit. Thanks to this feature, you can get higher scores and be the game star.