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American Truck Car Driving Game

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Do you like playing truck games? If you answer yes, the American truck car driving game is for you. The game is completely designed in 3D. This allows users to play for hours without getting bored with the game. What you need to do to earn money is to transport products by truck. You can customize your vehicle in the American truck simulator game with the money you make. There are many options available for customization. Among these options, there are options such as car, glass and neon colours. These customizations are suitable for truck driving game lovers. Because designing a truck like you want will double the pleasure, you get from the game.

Play American Truck Driver Game

As a driver in some city regions, you should look for jobs that suit you. When you accept the jobs, the truck game missions will start. By following the arrows, you need to reach where you will deliver the products as soon as possible. The faster you complete the tasks, the quicker you can get rewards. If you have an accident with the truck, you can have your vehicle repaired at the repair station. Likewise, you can get gas from the gas station if you run out of gas while travelling on a long road.

American Truck Car Driving Online How To Play

American Truck Car Driving
You have to use the arrow keys to move the truck. You can switch to four camera angles in the game using the C key. Camera angles are specially designed to make you feel like a real truck driver. Using the minimap, you can see where you are in the game and where you need to go. You can control the environment using your mouse. It would be an excellent choice to use the mouse so the truck can enter the parking area correctly.