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When you start the archery game, you are asked to choose an avatar that suits you among dozens of avatars. After selecting this avatar, you can start playing the archery game. There are dozens of different levels in the game. If you do not want to complete the levels, you can shoot arrows as you wish, thanks to the practice mode. Only the first level is unlocked to make the arrow shooting game more enjoyable. When you complete the first level, the next level will be opened. This one is specially designed to make the rest of your day more enjoyable. When you complete the levels in the game, you earn gold. You can change your bow and arrows with these gold coins. Although changing the spring does not make much difference in terms of power, you can have quite different springs in terms of design.

The main aim of the archery game is to hit the target board on the land. Unlike other archery games, there are many innovations in this game. One of these innovations is the presence of balloons on the target board. When the archer character shoots these balloons, he earns additional gold and points. Shooting these balloons is not easy. Because factors such as wind and distance are also included in this archery game, you can enjoy the rest of your day with this arrow shooting game if you feel ready.

How to play Archery Game Online?

Since archery is a challenging sport, archery games also contain complex tasks. You have to use your mouse to shoot arrows. If the arrow lands outside the target board, your health will decrease. You can learn your remaining lives from the heart icons on the bottom left of the game screen. Remember to look at the signs on the land to know how far your archer character is from the target because this arrow is essential for your shooting.


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