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Arena Angry Cars

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Arena Angry Cars is an action game where you fight angry cars in the sky. You will enter into an exciting push competition against 8 different opponents and your enemies will try to throw you out of the arena. If you leave the arena, it's game over and you fail.

There are nineteen different vehicles in the Arena Angry Cars game. These vehicles include trucks, 4x4 vehicles, and many heavy vehicles. The features of each car are different from each other. When you choose large vehicles, you may not take much damage from your opponents, but your movement speed will be pretty low. You should be ready for the tough fight by choosing the right vehicle. In the game, what you need to do to win is to defeat your opponents. It also has an easy management that you can do. This method is to collect the special powers on the track before your opponents. With these special powers, you can knock your opponents out of the parkour area with a single hit.

How to play Arena Angry Cars Online?

This car game provides a lot of ease of use. You can move your vehicle on the track with the mouse, WASD, or arrow keys. You get trophies when you knock each opponent out of the course area, and you can view the number of these trophies from the garage.


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