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Gun Fest

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Do you like gun games! Complete challenging levels and join the fun in this extreme shooter game. Sniper, Deagle, and four different weapons are in the gun fest game. Gun Fest players must increase their weapon count by going through the correct math operations on the parkour with their chosen weapons. You must eliminate the bank robbers in front of you on the track with your armed army that you have grown from mathematical operations and make high scores. With the combos you make at the end of the levels, you can get better scores and be the star of the gun fest game.

How to play Gun Fest Online?

You can move your army of weapons left and right on the track with the mouse. You should choose the correct ones from the mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, etc., that appear in front of you. The more correct processes you go through, your armed army will be more enormous.


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