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Red ball's here to rescue the Christmas. Roll and jump your way through, defeating enemies. Have you got what it takes to save Christmas? Whether you're looking to enjoy rolling the Red Ball Christmas, you will enjoy playing this game. There are three different skins for your character in the Red Ball game. You can immediately start playing the red ball game by choosing the one you like from these skins. There are thirty levels in total in the Red Ball game. You earn stars based on your performance in the levels. You are rewarded with three stars if you complete the levels fast and one or two stars if you complete the levels slowly and fall from the platform. The primary purpose of the red ball game is an adventure game where you have to save your character from the obstacles on the track and reach the finish line as soon as possible. You can be the star of the red ball game by completing all the levels.

How to play Red Ball Online?

You can move the red ball game, among the popular games, on the track with the arrow keys. Since you have three lives, you must go to the finish line and save your red ball character before you run out of lives.


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