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Extreme Motorbike

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Get ready for a crazy motorcycle game in an open world! Choose the bike you want, do the crazy stunts and start the adventure. In this extreme motorbike game with three different types of engines, choose a motorcycle and start the free to play game right away. Motorbike types include police, cross, and racer motorbikes. Every motorcycle has its fun features and driving dynamics. In this way, it becomes possible to enjoy the extreme motorbike game more.

All environment is designed in 3d for extreme motorbike fans. Although the game takes place in the desert, the bridges and rough terrains are specially designed to double the gaming experience. An additional feature, realistic engine physics, is also included in the game. You can also have accidents when you reach a high speed in the motorbike game. When an accident occurs, the character falls off the motorcycle. This gives the player the feeling of driving a real bike.

Play Extreme Moto Game

Nitro fills up automatically as you progress through the game. When you use nitro, the motorcycle's front wheel is lifted into the air. This provides the front lift in the game and real life. A manual shift mode is also available if you want a more immersive feel. This mod will be challenging compared to other mods. Because after the motorcycle accelerates, you must increase and decrease the gear. If you enjoy it this way, you can enjoy the motorbike game.

How to play Extreme Motorbike Online?

As you are familiar with from Motorbike games, this bike game is played with the arrow keys. There are three different camera options. You can change your motorcycle camera with the C key. If you use the shift key while in motion, you can lift the front of your motorcycle and make extreme movements. While using extreme motorcycles, you can follow your current speed from the indicator on the game screen. You can also view your current nitro rate from the nos icon below. You can raise the motorcycle slightly if you use the G key when it reaches high speed. It will be the right choice to jump over some obstacles in the city.


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