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Brick Breaker

30k played

Are you ready to break brick walls with little balls! Complete the challenging levels, become the legend of the game. The primary purpose of the brick break game is to destroy the bricks in front of you on an endless platform with balls. If the accumulated bricks land where you shoot the ball, you lose the level, and the game starts again. For this reason, you must reduce the number written on the bricks to zero and destroy them by making reasonable shots in the Brick break game. Since you only have one ball, to begin with, collecting the balls on the track first and increasing your number of shots will help you make high scores in the brick breaker game. After each shot, the platform will go down one level, and the ball will approach your shooting point. To keep bricks out of your base, you should first aim for the nearest bricks.

How to play Brick Breaker Online?

With the help of the mouse, you have to destroy the bricks by aiming in the brick break game. The more sensible you make your ball shots, the more you can make one ball touch many bricks. This way, you can reach high scores by ensuring that the numbers written on the bricks decrease to zero quickly.


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